Career Guidance and Support

Professional career counselors can provide advice and assistance as do peer mentors, family members, and friends. They can be provided in a variety of settings, including workplaces, schools, and community organizations.

A career coach is someone who assists clients in establishing and achieving their goals for their careers. This is accomplished by various career-related activities that allow people to recognize their strengths and interests to make informed career choices.

Career counseling is designed to assist people find a career that matches their abilities, skills, and personal characteristics. The need for guidance regarding career options is present at all stages of life, but it is particularly important in school and the first years of employment.

Many career counselors also offer assistance in job searching. They help people find job announcements, write resumes, prepare for interviews, and utilize networking strategies to locate jobs. They can also provide advice on career advancement workplace issues, for example dealing with office politics and negotiations for increases in salary.

Counseling for career development is also sought out by those who feel their current career path is no longer fulfilling. A counselor can help identify and explore other career options such as ethical hacking or sports psychology.