How to Conduct Board Meetings Effectively

Managing board meetings efficiently and effectively is essential to keeping members engaged and maximizing the value their time. It is crucial to plan ahead to ensure that the meeting starts on time and that board members have the materials they require in advance. Visual aids and presentations are also great ways to boost engagement and help the discussion process. They can give an easier understanding of complex issues.

Board members bring a wealth of information to the table, and they are often experts in their fields. It is crucial to balance their expertise with a high level of professionalism and an ability to accept opposing views. This will help everyone connect, and lead to fruitful discussions which lead to productive decisions.

Begin the meeting on time

It is vital to ensure the efficiency of any board meeting, especially when it’s a virtual one. Starting the meeting on time sets the atmosphere for the rest the meeting and ensures that all important aspects are covered.

Check that quorum is present

The president will call the roll of all attendees at the beginning of the meeting. This includes staff, presiding officers and other participants. If a quorum isn’t present, the meeting will not take place.

Adopt the agenda, including the minutes of the previous meeting.

After approving the agenda the board will then review the minutes from the previous meeting. This will allow the board to discuss any changes or prioritizations that are required to be made. The board is then able to move onto the next item of business.