Working For Digital Marketing

Working for digital marketing means promoting products or services using a variety of online channels. You may specialise in social media or search engine optimization (SEO) using strategies that help websites to get high rankings in Google searches and draw more users.

The role is often collaborative, and you may be working with designers, copywriters or animators on a project, so collaboration skills are important. You could also be asked to study your client’s competition in order to determine which advertising strategies are most effective for their business. You’ll need to plan campaigns, work with clients, research new digital marketing techniques, and monitor the performance of existing tactics to ensure that they’re providing value for money.

You may be working on a project of a short-term nature with entrepreneurs who require help creating their brand or an advertising campaign. You could also be involved in more long-term projects to manage on behalf of a digital marketing agency. This could include the development and monitoring of their social media presence or managing their website analytics.

A career in digital marketing will suit those with an empathy for others and can put yourself in the shoes of your intended audience to determine their wants, needs and obstacles. Being adaptable and willing to learn and take feedback are important characteristics, too, since the field of digital marketing is ever-changing, so you need to stay ahead of the trends. As you develop experience, you could decide to take on the role of a leader or a digital marketing professional.